Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tabloid Hell

Since President Obama was elected I've been less inclined to blog. Simply put, I'm less angry and chagrined. I feel that finally we have someone leading our country that deserves the job and is actually doing the job. Sure, I voted for Clinton, but held my nose. Don't get me started on Bush, both of them. The only good thing about Bush pere was Dana Carvey. Bush fils had nothing good about him. Except his colossal f***ups gave the electorate the gumption they needed to reach way out into the unknown. And boy, did we score!

So that leaves me with not much on my mind. I don't know if that's a cop out, what with all the calls to service and all. I know I should be doing more for my community and the world but it seems like I've been pushing boulders uphill for decades and frankly, I'm ready to hang back for a while.

At first it was fun watching the Republicans unravel. They deserved it, marching in lockstep behind such a dolt. But lately it's like throw a rock and you'll hit a self-destructing Repub. Mark Sandford has taken adultery to new lows and seemingly relished doing his public pennance. Thankfully we didn't have to watch his wife staring hurt and gooey-eyed at him. She took the kids and bailed, good for her.

Now Sarah Palin. All this talk of her chances in 2012 is just stupid. Read my lips, it's over. A friend is soon vacationing in Alaska and I said bring home the gossip, what they're really saying about her up there. She wasn't doing all that well at the job she bailed on but the real reason she left was money. Ethics violations caused her to repay her family travel. As governor she has to watch what she spends taxpayer money on. As a freelance speech giver, with her star quality and few others - maybe Rush Limbaugh and his jiggle speech - she can command the really big bucks. Just ask Bill Clinton how to go from decent money to obscenely rich - a few pep talks a month with photo ops and it pours in. The far right needs a celebrity to call their own and she fills the bill but getting to the lower 48 is not easy as a sitting governer who can't bring her family on the public trough and worse, those pesky consituents think she should stay put, govern the state she was elected to govern.

So for a while it's silly season on the right. They'll get their act together eventually. Even Norm Coleman saw the light and let Al Franken be seated a mere seven months after the election. Okay, he didn't so much see the light as he saw the inevitable and realized he could run for governor and probably win, name recognition being what it is. All that free publicity fighting for your cause translates into votes if you don't go so far out that you get stupid. He stopped just inches short of that.

But really, it's no longer interesting. We're losing the art of intelligent conversation. Too hard to get attention. Obama would be a great president even without his rock star quality but with it he can get the attention we as a nation need to go forward. It has been a really tough year and not likely to get better for a while. Knowing that a grownup is in charge, someone who knows what the job is, who can play politics but is not of politics, that is a gift. We as a nation needed him desperately and we rose to the occasion. After years of voter apathy, this election was everything this country was meant to be.