Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is it just me or....

are the Dems finally getting some gumption? They seem to be finally finding a voice, and beginning to own security issues and speak with authority. Jack Murtha, Russ Feingold, Nancy Pelosi, Loretta Chavez, and others are beginning to sound like Democrats not afraid-of-Bush weenies.

They're not there yet, in terms of reaching the voters in November. As of now, the Repubs may be voted out but not because Dems are voted in. In other words, it's better for all if people vote FOR not AGAINST.

Keep up the good work but stay focused on solutions not name-calling. It's what we can do that's right, not what they did that's wrong. Everyone who is listening knows that already, they know of the scandals and failures and lies. What voters want is integrity.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

These boots are made for walkin'....

...and smashing all the faces of all public servants who serve themselves not the public. A good kick in the gonads not a bad idea either.

Every day it seems someone else "resigns" which is between "denies" and apologizes" before the noose tightens. They are finding out that crime really doesn't pay. You'd think they'd learn. No matter how much you earn while on the take, the lawyers will eat it up keeping you out of jail.

Hey, maybe it's all a plot by the lawyers! Get Bush into office, then wait and watch, knowing that sooner or later that disgustingly immoral group will put all your kids and your grandkids and their grandkids through college from the billable hours while they pretend everything they did was for the good of something or other.

Poetic justice.