Saturday, May 05, 2007

Nothing will come of nothing…..

This is a quote describing:

1. King Lear’s admonishment to daughter Cordelia
2. The Bush troop surge
3. Alberto Gonzales’ brain cells

Cheerio, fellow bloggers, I’m off to Stratford-Upon-Avon for a spot of theatuh.

More specifically, I’m going to see a long-time acquaintance, Sir Ian McKellen, whom I’ve seen many times on stage long before he was Gandalf or Magneto.

The Royal Shakespeare Company is doing the entire works all year and my schedule did not allow me to see as much as I wanted to so I chose some highlights, specifically Ian doing King Lear. When I first met him he’d just done Hamlet and was taking Acting Shakespeare on the road. I must’ve seen that show two dozen times, including my “star turn” as a dead French soldier complete with a stage bow. I was hooked.

For the next weeks I will be wallowing in classic English and feeling quite posh. I won’t be near a computer or newspaper and maybe when I return the Bush Admin will just be a bad dream. Hey, they did it on Dallas and Newhart!


Suzie-Q said...


Please let me know when you are back and hope you're having a great vacation! :)

Suzie-Q said...


Good to see you are back! :)

Wolfowitz has resigned, effective June 30.