Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is it passion or is it anger?

I've been wondering what makes a woman so relentless in her quest against all odds, far beyond just being a fighter and into obsessive desperate behavior as if without it her oxygen will be cut off.

It came to me. Her husband took what should have been terrific years - first lady of a state and then the nation - and turned it into a tawdry sideshow of his/their sex life. It wasn't a vast rightwing consipiracy, it was titilation fodder for some emerging cable news networks. I can't imagine a more humiliating experience. And so public.

Yet here they still are, and now her fortunes are rising while he's relegated to backyard incendiary remarks. If she's president she becomes an historic figure while he's a footnote, notable only for his impeachment and maybe being the first First Husband.

Could her campaign be the ultimate revenge? Could it be her deep rage at her husband's chronic infidelity that drives her and not passion for the American people? How else to explain her inability to face the truth about delegate counts, just as she seems to avoid the truth about the definition of marriage. (Call me old fashioned but isn't fidelity right up there?)

And to Clinton supporters I would remind them: do you really want that circus again? The behavior that left Al Gore in a bind by not being able to run on the Clinton administration successes? And a country so exhausted from it all that Bush and his fake morality looked good?

Think about it. The Clinton years came with a very high cost. She doesn't have experience, she has a very thick skin and a white hot rage at the injustice of it all.
Can't say I blame her but while she insisted that she was not just like Tammy Wynette standing by her man I'd tell her to listen to another Tammy Wynette song: D I V O R C E.
But please don't make our country pay for it again. The well is drying up.


JollyRoger said...

I think at least part of this has to do as much with his ambition as hers. She'd have been much better served by somebody other than the cluster of DLC scum (led by her husband) that she surrounded herself with. It's really kind of sad that she never seemed to understand that.

Kaneiha said...

Her addiction to fame and power is inextricably tied to her husband. I agree with you completely, jollyroger.