Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Ship of State has finally righted itself. The voters have shown that while they generally prefer to stick with the familiar, when enough is enough, it's over! So while George Bush put us in Iraq with lies of bringing democracy to the Middle East, and trying to quash it at home, the majority of us said that's not what this country is about.

Watching Bush practically take credit for the new bipartianship was cheesy, but then again, he's always been about spin rather than substance.

Sure, plenty of work to do, lots of muck to clean, but like after a really great spring rain, it just smells good.

Congratulations to the voters, for paying attention. It's a cliche, but true, politicians work for us. When they forget that, it's over. And a special raspberry to Tom DeLay who thought he could guarantee Republican victories by gerrymandering districts - you're a poster boy for everything that went wrong. Bully boys like you are just stupid.

How good it feels when the system works.

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