Tuesday, January 09, 2007


'Tis the New Year and Nancy Pelosi has - gasp - a plan, something we haven't seen in Washington in a while. While it may not all pan out and there's a ways to go, it's so refreshing to see grownups at the helm.

Bush's so-called "plan" seems to be, "Hell, it didn't work before, so let's do it again!" If more troops were the answer, why not do that a year ago, or three?

So I am chuffed to begin a new year on such a hopeful note. Voters tend to get the government they deserve and it finally seems they're paying attention. A cowboy at the helm may remind us of our wild and woolly days - great fun in the movies but not so great in actuality. Our Founding Fathers were intellectuals who took their responsibility very seriously. I don't know if this group is up to those standards but at least they are trying to restore some order after years of chaos.

Is it always the Dems that have to clean up after Repubs or does it just seem that way?

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