Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Make him repeat over and over, I'm an Ass, I'm an Ass....

I won't speak to the racial aspect, others do it better. But how many listeners of Imanas would like their daughters called a "ho", and think it all in fun? Especially a daughter who has managed to get into a good college and play college-level ball. Hey, jerk-off, it ain't easy! Easy is sitting in front of a microphone and spewing idiotic remarks. Any ass can do it.

A few pundits who appear on his show to flog their book or for the money and/or recognition so they can write a book to flog, tried with a straight face to say what a great guy he is and how remorseful. And yet this "remorseful" man managed to call a group of young women who narrowly missed winning a championship "ho's".

That's just mean. Remember what your mother told you? Pick on someone your own size? Well, his size is teeny tiny, and the Rutger team's is huge. They showed more class in one press conference than he has in a lifetime. They will survive, and probably thrive. They are motivated and will put this behind them because after all, who really cares about this buffoon's thoughts?

I applaud the advertisers who are boycotting. I think free speech is important and had he said it about public figures - say, millionaire pro ball players - it might have been a bit tasteless but still his right. But a team of teenage basketball players? Who'd just narrowly missed winning a big championship? Obviously he is missing the decency gene.

That's why to me, the race card is not as important as that target. It's a valid argument that rap music spews the same virtriol. But this was personal, this was directed at an innocent few, and is therefore far different than free speech and racism, which can use a lot of discussion about boundaries.

As a parent, I'm angry. As a human being I'm appalled. This isn't about being a shock jock, testing boundaries, it's about being a dirty old man.


teak said...

Captain Kit,

Imus is an ass for sure. I never listened to him myself nor any of those radio jocks of that type.

I do have a daughter in high school playing basketball, I also had two boys that I kept in sports over the years for various reasons. The greatest reason was to build their self-esteem along with keeping them focused, out of trouble, etc. I'm so proud of the Rutger's Women and their coach. What I'm not proud of is Rev. Sharpton, Imus, and all the people that jumped on the band wagon without thinking a way these talented, wise women could make a difference in both men's lives, leading to change for ALL youth and ALL racist/sexist comments.

I don't know if you have kids, but I was shocked how boys/girls talk to each other, words lead to roughhousing...and it is not pretty when there is an argument. I know because I'm living it with my own child and the effects (not to mention helping other people's kids to understand this).

CBS and all the corporate media with their umbrella music divisions know perfectly well what their music divisions are doing to race, sex, and social issues. "CBS Cares" is a joke...they care about $$$$.

Creating chaos, dividing, conquering and making a profit is media and corporate goals.
Thank goodness I'm a survivor of adult child of an alcoholic and abuse, I broke the cycle for my kids and it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing dysfunction in this country. But we must for our kids' future and the planet.

Free Speech is very, very important and must not be taken away ever but one does have a responsibility to use it wisely.

Captain Kit said...

I agree with you, and yes I have a child, albeit grown with young'uns.

To me, what Imus said was not so much the racist or sexist part, lousy though it was. Free speech is fine, but just as you can't yell fire in a crowded theatre, so is verbally humiliating someone not a public figure.

What he did was trash talk high achieving young women who'd done nothing except do their very best to be good athletes and good citizens with hard work. It's one thing to go after a politician or even a professional athlete, they have teams of lawyers and PR people to battle for them. These girls had one coach and the ire of a country that says life may not always be fair but we don't have to condone blatant verbal abuse.

Or, as our Mothers used to say, pick on someone your own size. Imus did not. He had a national radio show and used it to insult hard-working high-achieving young adults who did nothing to deserve it.

I repeat, what an ass. It's for others to fight the race/sex card. This was about a bully.