Monday, March 26, 2007

Change, I want Change

I've been away for a week, visiting the kids. I return, check my usual blog pals and what's going on, and yes, they got the troop withdrawal deadline into war appropriations bill. I'm not sure how much of a victory that is, the more we learn of profiteering - Time Magazine, Cheney on cover - about the Blackstone security company and how much money they get for services. Much more legitimate than Halliburton to be sure, but - again - due to bad planning this Administration has to pay top dollar for security services.

Gonzales is still not out. It's bound to happen but as scandals unfold so rapidly it's also possible he'll dig in his heels and slip back under the radar. I'm not sure what he did was so far out of line, it's the general incompetence he should be removed for. Firing attorneys because you disaagree with them, even when you appointed them, is bad form and needs to be handled better. Also in Time this week - yes, I get my news from many places but as I said I was traveling and take the latest issue with me - is the Texas Connection in this White House and how long time buddies and supporters were hired, not competent people. Does the name Harriet Miers ring a bell?

The War is, if anything, worse. And still this President rages on about it. True, if he lets go of "terrorism", he has nada, nothing, zip, bupkus, zero to sustain his presidency. History will point to him as a major setback in foreign relations. So he charges on, like a desperate gambler, telling himself he's just one hand away from a big score and salvation, when everything points to the contrary. Does the name John Bolton ring a bell?

The big news, though, in our house is Al Gore running for president. Oh yes, we are hot for that. He's seasoned, no longer stiff, certainly experienced and wise, and frankly won the election 8 years ago. It was the Bush Machine - brother in FL, father's Supremes - that maneuvered us almost to a constitutional crisis. At this moment in time I lean to Bill Richardson. Hillary has lots to favor but completely blew it on the War, and years ago on health care, too secret. So while she's politically bright she can also go tone deaf. Obama is a joy out there and I could happily vote for him, but I've followed too many bright stars over the years who can't sustain the full exposure of a national campaign. Richardson, though, isn't quite lighting up the horizon; still, he's got what it takes. Edwards, too, a great person I'm confident would do a great job but seems to still be on a high learning curve on the national scene. But Gore, he's got it all and more. What he lacked the last time he's got now in triplicate - Star Power.

My daughter made me promise that Al Gore would run. She worries for her children's future. So I told her he's doing everything correct for a run and that yes, he would.

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