Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's getting interesting....

The elections gave me hope. Voters are out there and they are paying attention. Betrayal is a funny thing, it cuts deep. When you promise to restore trust and dignity to the presidency - and while I adore Bill Clinton, I don't often use dignity in the same sentence - and then you lie about almost everything, well that betrayal starts seeping into pores.

Karl Rove wanted a conservative agenda out there. He searched for a candidate who could get elected. George W. Bush to the plate. Okay, he was an alcoholic failure, but he had that name. Clean him up, get him to church, pump him full of stump speeches, and get him governor of Texas. How hard is that? They don't mind failures, if they come from rich families. Part of the folklore. The rest is easy.

The Christian right was aching for a candidate with backing. Organize them, and denounce abortion and gay rights, count red state electoral votes and badda bing, ya got a viable candidate. (And it sure doesn't hurt that Daddy knows just everybody who ever won an election and your very own brother is Gov of a hell of lot of electoral votes.)

I read today that Karl and Dubya have been together 32 years. (Eeeuuuww, how gross is that...) This has been a steady march to power. Picking up Cheney and Rumsfeld, hell, that was just a side issue, might as well suck up some oil profits while you're at it.

I wish I weren't so cynical. I want to believe that they had a real plan, even if I disagreed with it. But they don't, they haven't a clue. Clueless in Washington. Okay, that's an oxymoron.

But just as I was wallowing in these thoughts of despair along comes first, Howard Dean - a bit noisy, sure, but hey he tells it like it is. Music to my ears. The spewed it all about and I knew I wasn't alone! Then watching Patrick J. Fitzgerald on TV I was practically cheering. Calvary to the rescue! We are saved! The Dems have finally gotten some gumption, they may actually put together a plan. Finally!

I burrowed down deep when Bush was elected. It simply hurt too much. The anger was too much. I had to turn it all off to survive. Body blows need time to heal.

Now, where's my horse? I'm off to do battle! (A war of words, not of fallen soldiers. I hate them for taking sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and calling it patriotism when greed is more accurate. Our soldiers deserve better leaders.)


Askinstoo said...

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bluewild said...

Regarding the question of GH Bush's involvement:

Let's take a stroll down the memory lane to revisit Bushworld.
Remember that GH Bush was one of the big guys in the CIA when Salvador Allende was assassinated. Yes, Allende was a socialist but he was democratically elected and very popular. It's pretty well known at this point that the assassination and the coup in Chile were orchestrated by the CIA. I know a lot of folks from Chile, Argentina (La Guerra Sucia) who had loved ones tortured and disappeared in the 70's and early 80-'s. They say in Argentina, a whole generation is missing. Many of these "counter-insurgency" techniques were taught by the CIA at the School of the Americas in the US. But a majority if the victims were simply trying to voice their dissent from the dictators that some say were largely under the control of the US. Except for Allende, who was repalced by the sociopath fascist Pinochet. Some more info that people forget about GH:
"Bush claimed a nuclear war was winnable...As vice president, Bush cast three tie-breaking votes to renew chemical weapons production, supported sale of missiles to “terrorist” Iran and the illegal arming of the Nicaraguan contras and other paramilitary groups he called “freedom fighters. He also chaired The Presidential Task Force on Deregulation which, according to Mary Fricker in her book Inside Job, “set the tone” for bank deregulation which led to the savings and loan financial disaster of the 1980s.
After taking out the drug trafficker Noriega (once an asset to the CIA)the Army excluded the press and Red Cross from entering heavily bombed areas in Panama for three days while soldiers incinerated some civilian casualties and buried others in mass graves. Bush’s Defense Secretary, good ole Dick Cheney claimed a death toll of between 500 and 600. But independent human rights groups put the death toll between 3,000 and 5,000 and 25,000 left homeless. This turned out to be practice for even greater press censorship, propaganda and human rights violations during and after Operation Desert Storm, the U.S. air and ground attack that failed to depose Iraq’s leader, Saddam Hussein, in 1990...." there's lots more fun reading on him if you google it!
So GH Bush's hands aint so clean, not to mention the oil ties with the Saudis, the Bin Laden family connections etc...That's why it's hard for me to believe that he's not involved in some way...why would Cheney be there? To oversee I would imagine

Kit Neill said...

Point taken. I don't dispute any of that but it's from a different time perspective. I don't mean to imply Bush Sr's hands are clean, only that it might be a leap from "CIA trained" to outing one of your own as political payback.

Or maybe the only difference is that he's no longer in power. And his son is cutting the strings.