Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The lies foretold

Lies, lies, everywhere lies.

Reagan succeeded and Bush tries to emulate by insisting everything is hunky dorey. Just follow me, folks, and life will shine. Like lemmings. Spin the spin, sucker punch the opposition. War is hell and keep driving those gas guzzling machines as Haliburton rakes it in.

To me, from day one, it seemed clear that Saddam was into the huge profits made from the oil for food bargain with the devil. Why focus on nuclear weapons - dangerous when wet - when billions are foisted on you in exchange for oil, er um excuse me, food.

Bush and Cheney are oil men and we invade an oil-rich country? Have we forgotten how to think? I blame the Democrats, too, they rolled over and played dead.

We are fighting a War over oil rights, couldn't we just for a year or two, think to lessen our emergy use? How many SUV's were sold since the War began? Can anyone justify a Lexus SUV with 2000 dead American soldiers?

There are those who like the Bush Swagger. It's arrogance without substance, a schoolyard bully in a suit and tie.

When Howard Dean burst onto the scene, I felt I could breathe again. Someone was out there, many as it turned out, to say the war is wrong, the administration is wrong. Lies are not policy. Arrogance is not control. Self-righteousness is not power.

It's not too late, let sanity rule.

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bluewild said...

I think your comments are very astute. Especially the recent one on Fitzgerald's blog about expanding the enemy base. I think Bush is the "innocent" face of the sinister cabal whose motivation is greed and power. None too Christian in my book.... Nobody would ever believe that Dubya would have the cunning or the imagination to come up with such a scheme and the truth is he doesn't. But I sure betcha Poppa Bush and Cheney have been busy....