Friday, November 11, 2005

Rhinstone Cowboys

I noticed in the paper that all the big guns in the Bush Admin are out in force today, spinning their spin better than Will Rogers ever did his rope. They are exhalting our soldiers in canned speeches to safely Republican groups, heaping praise upon them - rightfully so - but wait, what is that rumbling sound of discord? These speeches give lip service to the value of our soldiers in order to drown out the countering argument that by cutting the VA budget, our returning soldiers will not receive full medical benefits; no matter that it's Iraq War related.

It's a cliche but it fits: Put your money where your mouth is!

Our soldiers are on the front line of a badly planned and horribly executed war. Many have lost lives and far more have lost limbs and even more will return home with post traumatic stress disorder. Hard to quantify but nonetheless real to the families. At the very least we owe them top quality treatment. That's how you support our troops, not with speeches but with action.

This Administration has more sparkle and glitz than a rodeo queen. And about as much substance. (My heartfelt apologies to rodeo queens everywhere, it is a worthy endeavor. I wanted to be one but my parents made me settle for a cute cowgirl outfit instead.)


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