Thursday, December 22, 2005

C-SPAN Rules!

There I was watching C-SPAN as I do, and Brian Lamb was doing one of his terrific Q & A sessions with an unfamiliar - to me - guest.

Turns out Randi Rhodes is a talk radio person with skills out of the park. I was entralled and am desperately trying to find her call letters. She says what I think and often say, but to a much smaller audience.

Radio syndication is an iffy thing in Hawaii.We have great weather and people but sometimes distance has a price.

Washington Journal I love you; it's the only good thing for not always being able to sleep through the night. Talk about addictive - I've occasionally wakened after a great night's sleep and said, darn I missed Washington Journal.


bluewild said...

Hi Kit,

Randi is on Air America radio here in LA mondays thru Fridays at 3 pacific till 6 or 7. She definitely knows her stuff and has the facts to back it. On our dial here it is 1150 but I am sure you can catch her online.

I wish you a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year!

Peace and Blessings,
Bluewild - (your fellow FLYGIRL)

Kit Neill said...

Thanks for the tip, I can now get radio online so a quick search should do me just fine.
I am definitely looking forward to the New Year; thanks to PJF and the Flygirls I feel we can soar!