Saturday, December 03, 2005

News cycle

Just signed a petition for Nancy Pelosi who is aligned with Jack Murtha, the Dems a bit late to that table but I think the country is moving faster than politicians. No surprise. Everyone has been slow to realize this war was a bad idea from day one and is getting worse. The prez claims victory at every opportunity which makes it ever more clear he has no clue. No, that's wrong, he doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

Remember the Blue Brothers, on a mission from God? It was funny then but it sure isn't now.

I spend all my free time joining and talking to the community that has always known that this war is about oil and one-upping daddy and arrogance and stupidity. But the government when it chooses to run amok has great power to silence dissenters. For a while. Then it becomes a cacophony of outrage.

All I want for Christmas is sanity in our leaders.

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Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Sanity is not too much to ask for. I love Jack and Nancy. :)