Thursday, February 22, 2007

McCain speaks with forked tongue

I agree completely with Senator McCain, that Donald Rumsfeld is the worst defense secretary in the history of the world. His skill is as a political infighter not battle. But his recent incompetence overcame even his skill at that.
However, Senator, this appears to be a bit of jumping on the bandwagon, trashing the man after he's gone, disappeared from sight. I would respect you a lot more if you had done it while he was actually committing these atrocities. After the fact does no one any good and makes you look like a cowardly bully who stands back and yells, "Me, too!"
And as to your calling on sending more troops, that's just the other side of incompetence. Too few to get the job done early on, and too many after it's too late. The reverse had a chance of success, and it's way past military action now. Bush waged war to prove his balls were bigger than his father's; are you now wanting it to prove your goverment should have sent more troops to Vietnam and saved POWs?
War is nasty, no one wins. Sometimes there really is no choice, but usually it's a political reason and it has to do with oil and profit. And trying to rally a base to become president.

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