Saturday, March 03, 2007

Handicapping is fun

Everyone else seems to be weighing in on the 2008 election and who's hot and who's not. So here goes.....
Hillary Clinton - I'm just tired of her. Too many incarnations. Something. Standing by her pig of a husband - mind you I thought he was a pretty good president, but the moral fiber of rope. She said she wasn't just standing by her man like Tammy Wynette and then she stood by her man, but even Tammy Wynette got out of that one to her cheatin' George Jones. But more than that, the secret health care initiative that busted because it came out like a burst dam scaring everybody. Bad. Aren't we all furious at George W. for his secrecy vis a vis Iraq? I think she's a good Senator, but when you get too ambitious you get too programmed and forget why you're running in the first place. She's reached that level, she's got a plan - the good news - but it's whatever the polls show - the bad news. Plus she rammed Obama because of what David Geffen said. Hey, he's a gay billionaire, beholden to no one, he can say what he wants.

Barack Obama - I live in Hawaii, and grew up - age 7 to 15 - in Kansas. I feel like we're practically related. Then again, most people after listening to him, feel that way. He touches everyone. Sure, not so many specifics - but the Bush Admin is nothing if not specific and look where that got us - and maybe not so much experience - I repeat, the Bush Admin.... you know the rest. But he's bound to make some blunders along the way, being a newbie and honest, and I've watched - and worked for - many shining stars that flamed out. But I wish him well, for all our sakes.

Bill Richardson - a personal fave. Experienced in the good way, but having actually done the work. Solid, steady, hard-working, what the real America is, or thinks she is anyway. He's even Hispanic, should be that growing - and growing - group into the polls for him. We can do far worse than another Bill, President Richardson. Let the movement start here! (okay, he started it, but I can be a groundswell.)

John Edwards - he's just not connecting. He has all the right moves, a perfect family story, a good guy, wonderful wife, and maybe that's the problem, he's too good, thinks running for president is like student council. If it were a Richardson/Edwards ticket, the winner would be America. Except for the far right. They're only happy if no one has any fun or common sense.

John McCain- sold his soul to the Devil Bush. Or more accurately Karl Rove, who told him he'd be in his corner if he lockstepped the prez on Iraq. Because McCain's change over was just that fast, deal made. Perception if not reality. But I don't see Rove in his corner, already reneged and barely started. What, he's holding back until Giuliani trounces him?

Rudy Giuliani - loved him as prosecutor, a good figurehead after 9-11, tough, in charge, but his personal life makes Bill Clinton look chaste. That baggage will need a freight car to haul. Plus, they jumped on Howard Dean for one excitable whoop. Rudy's temper is lengendary, he won't be able to stop it.

The others? They're just there for the fun of it. Oh sure, they dream big, and some are decent beings, especially Joe Biden, but mostly it's an open field and they figure why not, get some name recognition, try again or earn big bucks on speaking trail, or lobbying. Besides, you get all those secret service people, and advance people, you get driven and fussed over, hey we should all get to run for prez, it's exhausting but great fun.

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