Monday, February 19, 2007

So now Google owns the world

So after a few false attempts I moved my blog over to Google. It was some trouble, reading more stuff, and I wrote a perfectly nice introduction then during preview I accidentally closed it and lost my very first blog on Google. I was perfectly happy before, now I'm not, because I have to write it all over again and I've forgotten how I said it. Besides, I liked what I said and it was several paragraphs and if I have to spend more time, then I'll become a blogger without a life. Usually you get a box that says are you sure you want to lose everything, but I didn't, so I did.

Change can be good or it can be a nuisance. It's usually the latter. Because those who force it upon us, like Blogspot, are at the top of the chain and don't think of the little things. I debated even sticking with it, why bother, if I had to start over, go somewhere else, but in the end I fell into step, it seemed easier. And would have been if not closing the window to return to previous page rather than click back arrow hadn't lost it all.

A cozy blog versus a snippy one. All because I HAVE TO change to Google or go away. Not their fault, they didn't MAKE me click the wrong arrow, they just made me read pages of stuff to be sure I wasn't agreeing to something weird. Just more marketing. They can probably check my web browsing, send me "personalized" messages to buy and join and otherwise limit my span. Some days I think the Internet hasn't expanded our horizons, just given marketers better ammunition to blindside us.

I no sooner got Windows XP on my computer than here comes Vista. Is it better? Sure, if you're a budding movie maker or can't take less than a thousand pictures of your kid to throw out there, so that he/she's famous just for eating. Do we all want Paris Hilton as a child? Ooops, pardon, she's more famous for not eating.

I'm going to go read a book. My web life is being sold and used for the purpose of others gaining wealth. But my easy chair is mine alone.

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