Saturday, March 10, 2007

onward and upward

I'm feeling really good right now. It's not that I wish all the evils that have befallen the Bush Admin - and now the Justice Report says FBI overstepped, the same month they fired attorneys because they could. This group is just a gang of thugs. Libby found guilty. So what if he was a scapegoat, doesn't make him innocent. Sure he tried to use his a puppy dog expression to win sympathy but he's really the runt of the litter. In other words, the country is paying attention. What looked like strength was really bullying. Karl Rove is not a political genius, he's simply a mathematician who counted electoral votes and then picked the state for the showdown. Another Bush state. And Daddy's supreme court. Then start a War because that's the fastest way to get you rich and pay back those who helped put you in office.

Whoops, some cynicism crept into that. Hard to avoid. I feel we as a country are now listening and debating and righting our ship of state. But it's also one reason I don't like Hillary. The Clinton juggernaut has all the makings of left wing thugs. The win at all cost mentality may work but the cost keeps mounting, the dike begins to spring holes faster than can be repaired.

But for now, this beautiful Saturday morning in Hawaii, I'm listening to the score of Gladiator, it's amazing music, and did my yoga and am feeling as good physically as I have in a long time. I've been careful about diet, as much organic as I can find, fresh not processed, cutting portions - more later if I must but not all at once. Vitamins, sleep, diet, exercise - hey, it works. Not a quick fix, I've been slogging along to varying degrees of success for quite a while now but as I age, and bits of creaky creep into joints, I had to clean up my act.

I savor the moment. As an added bonus I got a chunk of change back from taxes on my Prius I got last year, my political statement on wheels. Life is good. I wish you all the same. Make a decision to go forward, one step at a time.


calamityjane said...

Hi. Glad to hear your life is going well.I am working on getting my lifestyle healthy again, also. Good for you. Hang loose. :D

S-Q said...

Hi Kit!

I tried to send you an email last night but it bounced back to me. Has your email changed? Please email me and let me know.

Also, would you be interested in writing articles/posting on my blog as a guest? I'm getting a lot of the traffic from the PJF blog! ;)

My email is on my profile! ;)