Saturday, March 17, 2007

Valerie Rocks

With her movie star good looks and a career most people only dream about, a handsome husband and twins at home, I'm betting this woman will be the final nail in George W. Bush's presidential coffin. Scandal after scandal has weakened him, to be sure, but she will be the one to remove the curtain that reveals the fakery of Oz.

Her testimony was succinct and clear. Until her appearance before Congress, she kept silent. The bottom line is that whether or not she is determined to be covert according to the statute at the time of her outing, her career in intelligence was ruined by her own government, a gang of thugs determined to have their own way, damn the consequences. In order to start a war they were determined to have, she was, as Rep. Waxman said, collateral damage. On the heels of the horror at Walter Reed, Alberto Gonzales inept fumbling of his department - maybe Karl Rove has been too busy to coach him - she is a very bright light shining into their very dark corners.

She also has a book coming out, and the resultant book tour. She will be everywhere, telling everyone that this Administration had only one goal, to rush into war. And they were willing to expose an fearless and dedicated American intelligence agent to do it. She did nothing at all to deserve what happened to her; she was merely a bystander as her husband exposured their lies. Discredit him by discrediting her.

The Wilson's are photogenic. That should not be an issue but it tends to make people more credible. They are also rational, intellingent and charming. Just looking at her, you feel she got real secrets for us, a credit to the CIA. How many men would resist? And now it's over, she's done. Sure, she'll be a celebrity for a while, the book, then a movie, all the while Bushies will be twisting in the wind.

I'm sure if the Wilsons had a choice they would return to anonymity. They had a good life. But Rove or Cheney, or both, decided not to honor years of service to our country. Their arrogance at making that decision will ultimately be their undoing. Cheney looks more like the devil each time he appears, Rove keeps smiling like some wooden dummy as everything he thought he built derails, and Bush, well Bush looks as if he's the class loser in the dodge-ball circle, twisting and turning while he gets pounded.

The Wilson's may not come out of this better for the experience - she chose as she said, a "below the radar" career. He was an ambassador and appears to have an easier time talking about it. And they have small children, that tends to overrule all else in a family. They will be fine and they will likely be the final push that brings down this president as people grasp the enormity of what was done to them. But I don't think they will ever say it was a good thing. But they will be able to say they survived, and most of all, that they did the right thing. Who can ask for more?

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