Monday, March 12, 2007


I listen to C-Span a lot, which I suppose makes me a Wonkette, and my favorite is Washington Journal. Although it's on from one a.m. HST, and I prefer sleep since I get up at 6am for work, it started when I couldn't sleep and turned on the TV to keep from replaying how tired I would be. Now when I wake up it's the first place I go.

I mention this because at first I listened to the call-ins because I couldn't figure out how George Bush had any support. It was so clear to me that he was leading us down a really awful path. He was tromping on Democracy at home in order - he said - to bring it to the Middle East. Okay, sure that was an easy lie, it was oil, and Halliburton, and UAR buddies and all the rest of the war machine corporations. Plus, he's just a wannabe cowboy. Raised with money, hell-raiser at Yale, alcoholic they cleaned up to enter politics. Who supported him, and why?

Those who now call in and say, "Yes, mistakes were made, but...." Ya think? Mistakes that cost our servicemen and women their lives, a divided country, trillions of dollars spent to destroy a country and our reputation. Katrina is almost a bigger shame. Because that's within our border. Our citizens. The waste and fraud and stupidity and incompetence can all fall at his doorstep. They keep calling him the commander-in-chief. Had the national guard been on standby in Louisiana instead of in Iraq, lives would have been saved.

Of course the dam failed because of years of neglect from pretty much everyone, but the cleanup is all this Admin. FEMA was a throwaway, of no interest, so they put in a low level supporter with zero experience. A good fall guy. Lots of good fall guys for this Administration. And still they support him.

Have people gone stupid? Just to protect themselves from gay rights? That right wing group, afraid of what a few gays can do are willing to support a man who probably has zero interest in gays one way or another, but panders to them to get elected. That was the swing vote. Sure, his swagger looked tough after 9-11, we were scared, easier to believe he knew what he was doing. But what's the excuse now?

His approval rating is at 30%. And still he serves. He cost Tony Blair his job. He put us into so much debt it will be a decisive factors for years.

I still wonder why anyone at all supports him.

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